Braces For Adults and Children

A smile has always been the best introduction. Who would not want to have an attractive smile that warms the heart and creates a friendly first impression?



Clear Braces

These braces are similar to conventional braces, except that, instead of having metal bands around the teeth, the patient has tooth-colored ceramic brackets.


The art of straightening teeth (orthodontics) was once a branch of dentistry that primarily served teens and pre-teens. However today, many adults are choosing the advantages of orthodontics for themselves. One reason is that there are more options that fit into the adult lifestyle, including Invisalign which uses a set of clear, hardly noticable aligners to move the teeth into alignment. Our office can offer you both traditional braces and Invisalign as options for creating a more beautiful smile. We offer our services in English, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. Your feedback is valuable to us. Please review us at: Our demandforce website To sum it up, we work to provide the finest of dental care in the friendliest, most comfortable atmosphere at a cost that keeps quality, durable oral health services and your wallet in mind. We make it our aim to be an office that you will send your friends and family to for everything from simple preventive care to complex restorative and cosmetic needs. We welcome them all!

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