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Patient Review 1:

He is called Doctor Larry, my kids all see him, my grand kids see him, both my wife and i see him, I tried going to another dentist, one of my sons asked if i was nuts. I had crowns put in that i just love, finally after all these years, i do not worry about how my teeth look compared to other people. Dr Larry gave me a great smile. The procedure scared me more then an 8 year old in a haunted house, it wasn't bad at all. really surprised me. should have done it years ago.
Treatment Length with Dr. Napolitano: 20 years. Post 9/14/08 11.08 AM

Patient Review 2:

Dr Larry is a good dentist in the town . He has gift to perform dentistry. He did my fillings - my inlay - onlay and a crown without metal inside.
I am really happy to have a wonderful dentist - dr Larry .

Treatment Length with Dr. Napolitano: 4 years. Post 7/18/08 09.35 PM

Patient Review 3: Had cosmetic work done on my front teeth. This DDS is an artist!! I asked for an extreme makeover and he did it!! I love my smile..I spent 7 hours in the chair and he worked his magic 1:1. I highly recommend this dentist for cosmetic work.Thanks Dr. N, I look years younger and have had nothing but positive remarks about my new smile. posted: 01/30/2008 10:00 AM

Patient Review 4: Dr. Larry has been great. He is kind and explains what is going on. I had a porcelain crown done that turned out great. I took my daughter to him. She is petrified of dentists but she liked Larry!
Posted: 11/13/2007 9:10 AM

Patient Review 5: Larry Napolitano has treated my entire family for many years, we have had everything from fillings, crowns, bridges to braces. My experience with him and his staff has been nothing but the best. I was always terrified of dentist until I came to see Larry, he has made every experience wonderful. I just recently had my braces removed the entire process was great from start to finish and the outcome is amazing. I have everything to smile about now at the age of 43. I would recommend Larry Napolitano to everyone who is looking for the best customer service and experience along with that you will always recieve a Friendly, Caring and Most Positive Dentist and a New Friend.
Sincerely, CRobledo and Family
Posted: 10/12/2005 11:01 PM

Patient Review 6:
I have some of his work (a bridge) that is about 20 years old and still in excellent shape. Very well run friendly office and high quality work. Low pain without over use of painkillers.
I have moved 150 miles from his office and still go back for checkups, hygenist and dentil work, I doubt I could match his practices standards anyplace else.
My wife and I have different hygenists in his office, both are supurb. Very good on prevention and noninvasive treatment of gum problems.
His office works very well with our insurance company. I marked him as expensive but that's just gut feel. His charges generally exceed our Califonia Dental Insurance Coverage levels. Can't really comment on prices because I don't know what the competition charges.
Posted: 06/21/2005 11:11 AM

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07/14/2008 Kirsten M, Redwood City, CA

I'm inherently skeptical of dentists, but I really love Dr. Napolitano's office.  I've been going there for over five years now, and I live in Redwood City (aka FAR AWAY).  But it's worth it to me.  He'll give you the straight dope - what dental work you really need, then how he'd treat his family given unlimited funding, but also the cheaper alternatives, or the more expensive ones too.  If you're scared, they'll take the time to talk to you and figure out what you need to make it through your dental work.  If you need a dentist and you live in San Jose or Milpitas, you should check out Dr. Larry, because he's an awesome dentist.


Dr. Napolitano heads up a team of five dedicated staff members with a total of 50 combined years of service to our office. Bridget- Jennifer - Rose - Pam - Monika.
He works to provide the finest of dental care in the friendliest, most comfortable atmosphere at a cost that keeps quality, durable oral health services and your wallet in mind. He make it his aim to be an office that you will send your friends and family to for everything from simple preventive care to complex restorative and cosmetic needs.
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